Smoke and mirrors

It used to dangerous

To be subversive or rebellious

But not in these times

These days of cloned minds

Where the comfort zone

Is what the majority seek

We’ve become ineffective and weak

Governments, leaders, corporations know this

Strike out rebel see how they react

They commercialise your cause

Like there’s nothing serious about it at all

They infiltrate and annihilate

By causing dissentions within

Causing so much in fighting

Dividing as they always do

Distracting everyone from the truth

Allowing their wealth creation to continue

The sick joke is they build upon you

And the cause you promote

They adopt it like its theirs so

Governments and corporations

Look so good rather than be seen enacting violations

Which they do in the backgrounds and shadows of course

Out of eyesight away from discourse

Supporting animal and environmental rights

Yet still being the root cause of their plight

Double standards they don’t care

Money to be gained, reputations to be gained

To them its all good fare

Donate a bit of money here

Kill a few animals or destroy some ecology there

It’s all part of their game

They know no shame

And when all is done they’ll take no blame.

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