Guns know nothing of human division

Gun death in America is so wrong

And people need to make a stand

Need to find away to bring it to an end

But that won’t happen through division

I keep hearing people talking about gun death

In relation to their colour, gender or beliefs

But the truth can only be found in unity

The coming together as communities

And identifying another loss

And how humanity is paying the cost

For its ignorant and arrogant approach to weapons.

But its a life that’s been ended

Not a liable, not a box, not a minority

We as human beings are majority

A death of a person should be bad enough

Dividing them be colour or gender is just too much

People are people it’s as simple as that,

Be it male, female, white or black

They’ve all got loved ones and families

So don’t diminish them by sub dividing

Mourn every single gun death

As societies failure

Every single gun death shows your government don’t care

And they could care less as long as it isn’t them

And as long as the money from the NRA pours in.

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