Live life like there’s no tomorrow

Love life like it could all end tomorrow

Don’t dwell in the past and get lost in sorrow

Bad things that happen always make us stronger

These are lessons than we must ponder

And decide not to let let them HD is back no longer

We’ve just one life

So ensure you live it

Don’t wait until the end

Enjoy every bit of it

Do not miss out waiting

For the climax

Embrace every up and down along the way

Because life is like a roller-coaster

A thrill ride so raise your hands and raise your voices loud

and scream, when it gets harder

And laugh long because you k ow this is just for starters

Why dwell in sadness and negativity

When you can open up your heart and release

Pure love outward to the world

Open up your spirit and unlock you cell

That you imposed on yourself

And break out and break free

And live in conscious reality

Don’t get lost in the suffering of the illusory

Break the cycle, become enlightened

Show the universe you’re no longer frightened

To shine your light

And share you love

Know that one lifetime is never enough

To learn all we need to know.

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