Love requires nurturing

We kid ourselves we’re doing just fine

But we seem to be treading water all of the time

We act as though everything will be ok

But our love is slipping into decay

If we wish to keep our love alive

We need to nurture it all of the time

We need to learn to listen and spot the signs

Of feeling lost or invisible and not be so blind

We lose the thread

Because our love will end up dead

We must learn

To keep each others needs in our heads

It’s too easy to become complacent

It’s too easy to not hear what others say

It’s too easy just to carry on

In our ignorant, arrogant ways

Not listening to one another

Thinking everything is always just fine

Ignoring the needs of your lover

Ignoring all their pleas and cries

Then they’re gone

And you’re stunned

Wondering where it all went wrong

You don’t know

Because you didn’t see

You were too wrapped up in your self to believe

Anything could ever go wrong between

You and what should be your significant other

But you treated the like an invisible insignificant lover.

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