The bitterest pill

I found this bitterest pill to hard to swallow,

I found the hardest thing I could do was leave

But because of toxic frequencies

I knew this wasn’t the place to be,

So I had to pack my bags and leave

Leaving everything behind me,

Not knowing what’s in front of me,

I swallowed down on this bitterest pill,

I knew that it would hurt

And so it does still

But it was the only right thing to do,

You were hurting me

And I was hurting you,

Of this situation

Nothing felt right or felt good,

We were just continually hurt each other,

We had lost our way and were no long lovers,

It’s the bitterest pill I’ve had to take

But I did it for both of our sakes,

You were to attached to make the break

So I was the one that had to walk away

And it hurts and it’s not easy,

I will take the blame along with me,

Though in truth we both hurt each other time and again,

We’ve lost a great love and that is such a shame,

This is the bitterest of pills to swallow

And as I sit alone in my room I feel hollow.

Via :Daily Prompt: Swallow

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