Dark dweller

Something dark dwells in the woods

It’s primordial in truth

Seething, breathing, crawling

Through the undergrowth

Sworn to the darkness

Through a paranormal oath.

It makes your hair stand on your neck

Wondering what will happen next

It is craven and insatiable

With a hunger for the flesh

It moves in shadows defying eldritch power

It is a menace making creations creatures cower

It dwells and breathes pure evil

But we can keep it at bay

Through being spiritual

As long as we can shine a light

We can keep it at bay throughout each and every night

Kept in silence best kept out of holy sight

Pitting ourselves against the dark forces and its might

Keep the beast away with our divine right.

4 thoughts on “Dark dweller

  1. The wonderful thing is, we don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of candles, or over pay the electric company for more light, we have plenty on the inside of ourselves, we just have to keep it on, and turn it facing out. Maybe, some of it will rub off!!!

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