Being conscious to me

Being conscious to me

Is seeing reality

Through the illusory,

Being aware that the lives we lead,

Are prone to suffering

If we don’t open our eyes and see.

The wheel of life

Represents the suffering,

This place where we live

This is our classroom,

Where there’s lessons to learn

So much to be taught,

About detaching from being stressed and fraught.

Consciousness is about being aware

Learning to love, to share and to care

But allowing ourselves not to attach

To the things that can ways hurt us so much.

We are here to go through this conscious life

With intentions to live without causing suffering

And also learning not to suffer ourselves,

Learning to see our mistakes, problems and flaws

As lessons to learn

So when you open these doors,

Don’t let mistakes cause you pain,

See any problem as knowledge to be gained,

Don’t let flaws define who you are

Don’t let these issues tear you apart,

Detach and view all experiences

As an opportunity to expand how you live

But when you allow yourself to attach and subject yourself

To suffering the cards have been dealt

And you will continue on that, wheel of life

The cycle of suffering until you understand why,

That life is about learning to live in love, peace and compassion

Helping and aiding not causing suffering,

Kindness is the key that sets you free

And when we are able then to see,

All that causes suffering as a simple test

And learn to avoid being beset

By demons and doubts

And a loss of self love

And retain inner peace

Accepting being as enough,

Letting to let go of all grasping,

Then we will see enlightening,

Learning to let go of everything

While still being kind and still being able to care,

To still love and to always be there

But able to do this detached from suffering,

Then we will break the wheel and start evolving.

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