Don’t impose it on others

Don’t impose it on self

Suffering comes

From grasping for wealth

Suffering comes

From desiring more than you need

Suffering comes from selfish greed

Suffering comes from

Self doubt and self hate

Suffering comes from attaching to pain

And suffering comes from repeating again

All those mistakes that hurt you and leave a stain

On your heart and your spirit

That darken your soul

That dims your light

So that you lose control

Suffering comes from within

Suffering is caused by us Imprisoning

Every aspect of the self

We can become our own biggest curse

Learn to let go of all hurt and pain

Stop repeating mistakes time and again

Stop hurting yourself as a way to feel

Open your eyes and see what is real

To let go of suffering let yourself be free

Stop the endless need for greed and belief

Accept everything for just what it is

Don’t attach to desire

You always get what you need.

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