New Forest nature

The sun shone in dappled rays

Through the branches and the Verdent green leaves

Shading me as I moved through these life giving trees,

A soft rustle reminding me of its bliss and beauty,

A deer breaks cover darts away

And leave me with a sense so amazing

Of being within the depths of nature,

As I see rabbits leaping and jumping

While squirrels at their play race around,

Running up, down and through the trees

This place is a wonderland to me,

The New Forest breathes ancient eldritch spirituality

That embraces and envelopes me

And leaves me free to inhale and exhale

Solitude and leaves me mindfully in stillness,

I sense that this will be here long after humanity

Ceases to exist as it did well belong mankind arrived

And tried to cultivate and exploit the wild that is nature,

That was established by our creator

To nurture and to love,

Which we don’t do enough of

So let me give you a simple warning,

If we hope to see each new day dawning,

We need to change our ways

And treat this beautiful amazing nature

In a far kinder way.

Via:Daily Prompt: Warning

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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