This amazingly present moment feeling

This amazingly present moment feeling

I sit on a green mossy rock on the seashore

Feet planted firmly on to the warm granules sand

Feeling the grains slipping between my toes

Hearing the waves roar in to shore

And the wind blow

Rustling past me in refreshing sweeps

While watching the sea so amazing

As the waves roll in and out

Seeing the surf and the seaweed tumbling in the waves

And as the waves roll out

The stones roll back as if chasing back to the sea

As though that’s where they belong

Almost scared to be exposed.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye

From the edge of my tranquil and still mind

A dog races headlong

Races headstrong into the surf

And leaps and bounds and splashes

Before racing out again, manic and insane

I can’t help but smile and chuckle

Before returning to my conscious time

Aware of everything but in a mindful state

Looking out to where the blue sky hits the sea

On this picturesque horizon and landscape

Breathing in the sea air and almost tasting the salt

And feeling that nothing here and now can take away

From the resplendence of this present now moment

This wonderful moment on the beach

Yet on the edge of conscious living and life

Aware and connected to everything that exists

Becoming one with all.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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