She was rocking life

She rocked out

Some say to block out

The harsh life she lived

But although that maybe it

I knew so much more than that

And although some of her day were black

She enjoyed letting herself go

Rocking out into the flow

Purging her demons that she’d k own

And loving and laughing in punk clothes

Refusing to conform to what other people believed

She just simply weaved an existence so unique

And as she rocked out

And she went flat out

Dancing to the music

Her seemed so great

As she lived it her own way

In existentialism in everyway

And though she wore black

Her heart never truly lacked

The love and light nor the delight

That she shared with other folk

Known friends and family

Or even persons regarded as unknown

She was an artist putting on a show

Displaying how life should be lived.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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