When I am gone

When I am gone

I hope I leave behind a story

That’s worthy of a read

I hope that through the madness

All the dark and sadness

You may see my light glow

Through every seed I sowed

And I hope you will know

That as hard as life was to live

I still enjoyed it and tried to be unique

And when you think of me

And remember me in memories

I’d like everyone to know

I loved everyone so

And that although times were often cold

I also ft the warmth

Of the sun beating down on me

And I lived a golden age within

Every single time

As I fought to survive

But no one gets out this life alive

So I let it go and to my suprise

In my conscious reality

I found it easier to breath

And maintain my spiritual believe

In every one as well as every thing

So until the time I am gone

I will love and shine light long.

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