It comes with practice

She sat in practice

And sat in patience

To develop her mind

To acquire astral travel

Still in mind, yet aware

Rooted in consciousness

Determined to get there

And the one day she felt it occur

An out of body experience

Than came to her

As she felt herself

Leave her vessel and rise

Like energy she was

Pleasantly surprised

Feeling completely free

And totally energised

She took off and decided to fly

To the universe and the stars

The place of her dreams

That place that felt like home

This place where she felt

That she always belonged

Where she could play

And have fun and frolics

And in this moment to one else

Could spoil or stop it

No one else in this place existed

Just her in cosmic completeness

In the solitude of her

Conscious uniqueness

There was no point in life

That she had been revelling

In such amazing happiness.

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