The life of a down and out

It’s colder than its ever been

And hypothermia sets right in

And as we slowly begin

To slip away into unknown endings

This street which is now my home

On which I sleep but not alone

On cold and freezing winters night

Things fade slowly from my sight

And as they do I feel about how my life has been

Far from the perfect dream

Abused, confused, used and always fooled

By those of who we were told too

Serve, obey and look up too

By society and its governments rules

But the trouble is it was wrong and cruel

And so I rebelled and paid the cost

Stood up to the system and lost

Got beaten down and cast aside

And left me with no place to hide

Except in cardboard boxes on the harsh streets

And now I am knocked down and beat

To the point I can’t get up no more

And darkness is now all I have left in store

As I close my eyes the goes out

And life is over beyond any doubt

This is the life of a down and out

I hope society feels proud.

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