Violence is not the way

Molotov cocktails

And incendiaries

Lighting up the demonstration

Fully a flame people rioting

Sending those in power into hiding

But unlike the burnt out cars

And burnt out buildings that leave a temporary mark

The people of power representing the system

May go running into hiding

But will soon come back again

Because the system is not concrete and brick

The system is made of people and their clever tricks

Relying on their intellectual games

So you have to be smarter in every way

Keep your tempers, keep it cool

Learn to play them at their own games

And challenge them in the way they most fear

By being smarter than they can ever give you credit for

Challenging their rule of law

And highlighting flaws

Because when it comes to using force

They are adept at the game

So you have to find better and different ways

And expose their failings day by day

And put them in a different place

Where they look incompetent, corrupt

And unable to govern in anyway

But when you choose the force and violence game

They rejoice as that’s their best game

And label you as Anarchists and thugs

Not people who are passionate and in love

With their country so much

They can’t stand by and witness as

It goes to hell in the name of greed

It’s hard though not to bite when you just want to be free.

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