Consciousness rush

Feel the rush

Of the energy

As we speed headlong

Down the crevasse

Of our dreams

Spiralling down

Through nightmares

In and out of light and hope

Then back into darkness

Then back into shadows

Whispering echoes

Screams and euphoric cheers

Insane laughter

Painful tears

Solace and solitude

Riotous places

Unable to breathe

Continuous duality

Mixed metaphors

Of illusion and reality

Rebellion and fealty

Devastated scenes

Paradise supreme

Pure filth

Impeccably clean

Environmental dreams

Castrated beliefs

Orchestrated symphonies

Manifesting transcendently

Through this force of quantum

Depicted reality

Through conscious thoughts

Brought about existentially

Without breaking mindfully

While in meditation

We awaken, we do not sleep

Alert to all surroundings

As we speed downward

We then rise upward

Soaring into the multiverse

Feeling all the pain and hurt

We are feeling it through

All of our fibres and nerves

Through muscles and sinews

We are blind at first

But then blinding golden light

Eases the worst

Of our fears

And shows there’s nothing

To be afraid of outside the self

As long as we take care

Of our consciousness

Creating much more

And destroying much less.

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