Speaking to myself

I know mostly what’s going down

I listen an pay attention to the sounds

I question everything that I see

I have an ever evolving belief

It flows, it’s flexible no it’s not fixed

But I know that when I speak

I am mostly talking to myself.

When I speak of corruption that comes from wealth

From the lack of belief in self

From seeing the destruction of our planet

From seeing wars and how all governments plan it

And how they abuse the power they’ve been granted

But I know when I speak

I am mostly talking to myself.

And when I put out messages of love and peace

When I write words of light and spirituality

When I discuss our transcendent conscious growth needs

When I crave for equality

I know I am mostly speaking to myself

But any changes have to start with you and me

Which is why we all need to reach out

Even though we know

We are mostly speaking to ourselves

And in a hope that everybody else

Decides to listen and give some help

So that, in the end

We are not all just speaking to ourselves.

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