The grind

My life is about grind

It’s hard all the time,

Nothing easy

Never has been,

That’s the way it’s defined,

Though I struggle,

Though I fight,

With the knots that they bind,

I see love,

I see light,

My life is denied,

The things that I wish

And that may help me,

I feel like sisyphus

Pushing on, pushing up

The solid heavy rock,

In a repetitive strain

That’s aching my body and my brain,

Combined with a life of Job

I know all there is to know,

About getting knocked down

Then getting up again,

It’s so hard,

Its so tough,

I’ve had more than enough,

So I look to the stars and I say,

Universe, will you not help me,

Give me something back

Or just ease up on please,

Universe, will you cut me some slack,

I’ve done this for so long

That it’s breaking my back,

When will this finally end,

I keep persevering

But there must be

Sometime in this life,

I find more in reward

Than I have done before,

Or is this how it is

Nothing more than this

Until I no longer exist,

If that’s so, let me know,

Then I may just let go

And like others just go with the flow,

Universe, please just give me a sign,

Is there more to my life,

Or is this simply it

And so I’ll resign my life to this,

Just let me know

Just give me a sign,

Because I’ve had enough of this grind,

And of this hard life,

I am so tired in body and mind

Of this grind.

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