Never too far from the ground

Round and round,

Always going up,

Yet somehow

Never leaving the ground,

Pushing up, pushing on

The repetition,

The moving upward

Without any progress,

What if we were to stop?

If we were to look round?

See we’ve barely even left the ground,

Would it be so bad

Just take a look around,

See everyone’s doing the same thing

And getting nowhere.

So if we were to stop

And decide to break free,

If we decided this is not for me,

If we were to snap out

Of the nightmarish scene,

Would it cause life to start crumbling down

And if it did,

Because we no longer go around,

There would be little damage

For as always,

We are too close to the ground,

For much damaged to be wreaked

By this simple deed,

Of breaking out,

Of breaking free,

And gaining release.

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