Vague when it comes to age

I am slightly vague when it comes to age,

I try not to act it or let it get in the way,

of living how I want too

and though I am told I am getting old,

that’s not how I feel, just what I am told,

it’s a perception of time

that I don’t retain, within my mind,

an attitude that many have,

that causes them so much sorrow,

time is running out they think

but I don’t let this infect my being,

age is something many are against revealing

but it does not worry me,

I only consider it vaugly

when living life the best I can,

age is a curse for many, so I will be damned,

if I let it control or define me,

I will live in the present

and not looking behind me,

I wont worry about the future

I just live for today

and I don’t really care about going wrinkly or grey,

for this does not define me.


Via: Daily Prompt: Vague

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