Hypocrisy and forgiveness

This life so unbalanced

It makes you laugh

Hysterical feelings

Beyond the pail, beyond the fail

Where people you know

Who committed their fair share of sins

But any you make they’re never forgiving

And how poor downtrodden people

Who may have made mistakes with alcohol and crack

Are never given opportunities to come back

Yet those of wealth and those of power

Who fall down the same way

Are pardoned their mistakes and go on to be great

It would be really funny if it wasn’t so unfair

An unbalanced life where only a few care

And where those who’ve made similar mistakes to you

Spin it and talk as if they’ve always been true

And forget what they’ve done

And focus on others

A form of distractions to keep their past deeds undercover

Me I am flawed and yes I’ve made mistakes

I own my own sins and repent everyday

Without getting pious or holier than thou

I never judge anyone of that I’ve avowed

Except hypocrites and those who seek to put others down

I find it hard to take their two faces

Without being irked and showing a frown

Everybody that owns what they’ve done

Has the right to be forgiven

Especially if the are doing right by repenting

And accept the responsibility for all of their deeds

And accepted their punishment where there is a need

But what hope is there for humanity

If there is one rule for them and another for me

What chance for anyone is forgiveness is only ever given

To those of class and position

And denied to those who are lowly

And defined as hopelessly riven within a different position

Hypocrisy is the greatest of all sins

Do not fall into it and judge who gets forgiven.

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