Let me elaborate

Let me elaborate

On what love means to me

Giving her the freedom

In which to breathe

Give her space and time

To express herself

She is not your prisoner

So don’t lock her in your cell

You never own this woman

Even if she’s your wife

Let me elaborate

She still has the right

To experience everything in life

Without oppression or control

Ensure there remains within

Her heart, eyes, mind and soul

Never make her feel invisible

Let her satisfy her needs

Let her know your open

For her to be pleasured and pleased

See the look the glow in her

When that needs appeased

If you try to tie her down

Then it’s a fait accompli

That one day she will feel she had enough

And just get up and leave

Because in the end a love like hers

Thrives on being free

Thrives on sharing all her love

And looks to experience everything she needs

To feel loved and womanly

Not there just to serve you as you please.

Via:Daily Prompt: elaborate

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