Asinine me


Asinine that’s what I am to you

Think I am foolish compared to you

Well maybe academically I am not that smart

But I treat people better than you do by far

I don’t judge people or look at them down my nose

You may mock my poetry, my verses and my prose

You may base intelligence on what you were taught

Drunk domesticated ideas the define your thoughts

I’ve met many just like you

With your academic point of view

Funny how logic and common sense in you is lacking.

But let’s make it clear its not you I am attacking

It’s pointing out a few facts as you attempt to belittle me

It’s me that is attacked by you by being judgemental

And by being plain rude

Treating me as if I am much less than you

You think you know it all but in truth

Only a fool believes they know it all

Wise people accept that they know nothing at all

I am not a wise man but neither am I asinine

That’s just your perspective

In your twisted messed up mind.

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