We miss out on so much

We live in a wonderful world

That we occasionally get lost in

That we sometimes lose sight of

It becomes invisible and that’s our loss

As we get caught in life’s infernal dross

We lose sight of love and all it means

We are even accepting of living in a world without peace

When did we become this immune

To the beauty that surrounds

When did we give up on love

And start to struggle and drown

When did we learn to always scowl and frown

What need to do is spin this upside down

And stop living under all these black clouds

Then shine and resonate our light

Foe everyone to see

Then spread your love in a big way and bring about unity

Wear a smile by turning that frown upside down

Laugh lots and infect everyone around

With a sense of happiness and kindness

Spread this like a bug

And let’s us come together

And show humanity the love,

Where is the love?

It’s within us all

When we cast aside the darkness

And heed natures call

And wallow in its beauty

Reside in its wonderment

And make the most of every second of life we have left

And share the top love

Be the one love

Be a beacon of light

And share the whole love.

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