It never ceases to astonish me

just how little we believe,

that we are not alone in this universe,

they say it’s nonsense there is no life out there,

that if there was proof governments would share

that information with us all,

this kind of thinking is for arrogant fools,

that in an unlimited universe

we are the only living beings here on earth

and no other planet, milky way or galaxy,

has the ability to sustain life,

that belief seems statutory for some

and I find this quite astonishing,

I find this unbelievable,

it’s not a view that I can condone.


Via: daily Prompt: Astonish


6 thoughts on “Astonished

  1. If you can believe there is more to life on this universe then human life there must be, it is impossible to believe we are the only ones. I believe it too and I agree with your writing. I enjoy your posts very much because they are random, also because you write poetically and daily. Thanks for sharing what is astonishing to you.

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