Never stop questioning

I hear questions like why did God desert us

Is this case or did we desert God,

Or is the atheist and nihilist right and true

That God don’t exist it’s a ploy to control you,

All these questions open up the mind

Is biocentrism how conscious reality is defined,

Or is it all like the matrix plugged into the network

Asking questions like this never hurts

And investigating answers for yourself will only serve,

To widen your knowledge and horizons in ways

That you deserve,

For not just accepting what you’re told or what you’ve heard.

Question everything if you see it does not fit,

Step out of anything that comforting,

Because this breeds complacency

And you become idle of mind,

New discoveries and answers are appearing all the time

So don’t be blind

And open your eyes,

It’s about being a seeker,

Not just acting like your wise,

A wise man knows there is still much to learn,

In truth we know so very little about anything in this world.

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