Mindful revolution

Revolutionary mindful ascending

Opens up the consciousness through manifesting dimensions

That placates every form of time

Warps the imagination within the mind

Creating living colours that bombard our eyes

Synchronicity then defines how to read the signs

Through a paradigm equation that is luminescently lit

Like a neon sign pointing the way to this

Stimulating our creativity through bliss

Mindful possessions just fade and recede then twist

Into a spiritual realm in which we can exist

Devoid of the illusory toxicity

We recalculate what it is to be living

In a multiverse of new beginnings

Where everything is transcending everything we know

Bestowing knowledge that is ancient, that is old

That we have forgotten or simply left behind

We all walk around consciously blind

We need this revolutionary ascension to remind us

Why it is we are here and what it means to exist

In a world full of distractions such as this.

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