Spiritual vibrations

Spiritually connected like a moth to a light,

Permeates my being through a quantum vibe,

Impressionist thinking and imaginary

Recalcitrant attitudes echo through my frequency,

Inclement to authoritarian dogmatic beliefs

Traversing quantum ideas of a transcendent release,

Unification of spirit, mind and soul,

Alliances forged through manifesting love

Living in an existential belief that we are enough,

Vehemently we are discovering the spiritual within,

Implementing practices of mindful beginnings,

Believing that love goes hand in hand with forgiveness

Reassessing a core of Transcendental living,

Aspiring to the highest cosmic frequencies,

Thoroughly cleansing our auras of domestications instilled,

Identifying an accordance of a change defining shift,

Opportunities to find inner peace and to spiritually heal

Negating the darkness for in fear there’s no appeal,

Spiritual light and love is a consciousness that’s always real.

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