Paradoxical love

Paradoxically I know you’re not good for me

Yet you seem to the very breath I breathe

In many ways I sense attachment to you is wrong

Yet I imagine you when I hear a love song

You can be the cause of my greatest concerns

Yet at night when I lay here it’s you for whom I yearn

You are the paradoxical love of my life

You are the darkness and the light

You are the duality living within me

I can’t imagine life without you in it

And everything I write and everything I think

Comes back to you in my imaginings

You are the paradoxical love of my life

Without you would my life be as bright

You help get me through my darkest night

You are a vision of beauty in my eyes

Yet I know that in everything I feel and see

Somehow you are better left free

But this tugs at my insecurities

I want you exclusively

And that’s a weakness in me

Because a soul such as you should always fly free

Sharing the love and beauty.


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