Simplicity in life

Across a landscape filled with wild flowers

That’s where I while away my longest hours

Sitting in solitude, tranquility and bliss

Seldom are there moments such as this

Bees hover pollinating flows as they go

I can the essence of natures creative flow

I see the will flowers swing in the breeze

Seldom do people stop to appreciate these things

People they look to hard and often look to deep

For something special and for the beauty

That stares them in the face and right between the eyes

Sometimes it’s the simple things that show you are alive

And if you can see the simple beauty in everything

Then I think you’ve learnt just what it means to exist

I think that people complicate what it is to be

Take joy in the the pleasure of universal simplicity

And just enjoy the sights

Just enjoy the ride

And get the most from life

By keeping beauty in mind.

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