Tragic is the end of Pompeii

Incarcerated in molten graves

The once thriving elitist lives

Now in quietude they lay

And the culture that they created swept away

All bow heads and mourn for Pompeii

Nobody and nothing deserves to die that way

Mothers children and fathers had no chance of escape

As the lava flowed down the mountain side

They must have known in that moment they would die

Many just waited, many just cried

No where to run no where to hide

Nature for a change wrought human genocide

So spare a thought for the people of Pompeii

Silently sleeping in their molten graves.

8 thoughts on “Pompeii

      1. Capricorn rules the banks and church… now we have Pluto there. We are seeing some old structures being taken down a bit like Pompeii was in the Roman Empire.

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  1. I remember reading about this during my studies of Roman History, back in my early college days. This is one of the tragedies that has stuck with me. August 24th, 79AD, Pompeii was hit. The next day, it was destroyed. This is a beautiful tribute to the tragedy!

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