We are reflecting nature

Our lives are like nature that we see around

When we’re younger and just seeds within the ground

We sprung up and into life with so much vibrancy and energy

We produced colours that were beautiful too see

We then lived out the golden summer of a dreams

On and on as if it would never end.

But to sustain that colour

And to sustain that vibrancy

Takes up a lot of our energy

And so it time we begin to see

The autumn fall start dropping its leaves

A sign the we will soon all seek to sleep

And one day return back to being seeds

Ready to start again this is my belief

But I will savour these autumn days

The being of just what we are

There is no need to fight to survive

Just soaking up the tranquility and bliss

Making the most of our beauty that we live

And the most of the love we can give.

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