Oceanic beauty

I swim deep within the sea

I swim with dolphins

And it sets me free

Another world opening up to me

Amazing colours dazzling me

From the various and different species

I see the coral reef and sea anemones

I feel the solitude but I am not alone

I see a great whale passing me

There are so many incredible things

From small crustaceans live by vents of volcanos

That should be crushed by the pressure I believe

They have no sight for there is no light

They are an incredible feat of the sea

Surviving in an environment that would kill you and me

Compare them to a great and gentle whale

So very huge it takes your breathe away

It shows how the sea can accommodate

Many more things that creation made

It is a home to everything

This different world this seeming fantasy

But everything in and about it is real

And to me has the most beautiful appeal.

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