Just do your best

Slave to the pressure of daily work and life

But I keep my head up

And I keep my hopes high

I do the best I can to make the best of it

And I am learning rapidly to let go of their other bits

What’s the point in stressing over things that you can’t change

Live your life in happiness

Let the pleasure of existing be your aim

Laugh at the absurdities that life throws at you

Doing your very best is all that you can do

And if others pile the pressure on and then try and judge you

Just smile and be the best you can and don’t be taken for a fool

And they’re losing their heads and you are keeping calm

It’s because you know panic, stress and pressure causes harm

And that all that can be expected is for you to do your best

And if that isn’t good enough and if you didn’t pass the test

You you gave everything and in the end you never failed

Because trying is that you can do and should be always hailed

Failure is in not bothering or blaming others around

Always keep your hopes up and your head above the crowds

So you can see the overview of everything in life

So that you can live a life that’s happy

And a life that’s right

Rooted in love

Rooted in light.

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