Dragons and man

Man and dragons once lived as one

A friendship that could not seemingly be undone

Until man one day stumbled upon

Where dragons reside

In a place that would blow man’s mind

The home of dragons was a place of glittering gold

That they hid from man

Because they feared it would corrupt their heart and soul

And that fear soon come to pass

As man decided to speak to dragons and ask

For the source or a share in this luminous gold

Dragons denied them and days became cold

As man waged war against dragons

Entering into history books

That they were brutal cold blooded killing machines

And that men were heroic by taking them on

And as time passed man reduced dragons to their last

In numbers and in stories

And man had taken their gold

That Corrupted man’s soul

And their thirst for greed, power and control

Was now fully evolved into a race now consumed

By fear and hate worried others may take what they stole away

Dragons disappeared into extinction

Man became a species hell bent on destruction of all it can see

Exploiting everything in an effort to sate their greedy needs

And those days of man and dragon friendship

Is now just a distant memory

And dragons have passed into mythology

Discredited by the greedy betrayal of man

Who simply could not understand

The danger of gold within their hands.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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