No more abuse

The abuse of women,

The abuse of children,

Cannot be no longer

Accepted or hidden

But must be exposed

And the root cause found,

Why weak people

Think what they do

Gives them some kind of pleasure,

Some kind of power,

Yet when faced by strength

They hide and cower

Within shadows

Or behind the dark web,

They cause pain, harm

They cause suicides and death

And this is not acceptable in any form,

And we won’t sanitise it

Or let it become the norm,

We will, as good people

Stamp this destructive nature out,

Rid society that allows

Some to get away with this

Because of power or greed,

Or simply because the harm it does

Is not seen and how deep

It creeps into victims lives

Wiping their lives out,

No more can this continue,

No more will we allow it,

Respect for all and we can

In this way build a decent society,

For all to live without fear,

For all to live in freely.

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