Love is no commodity

Love is not a commodity

To be bought or sold,

The intricate nuances

Are subtle not bold,

Like a seduction

It happens gently over time,

Alluring all aspects of body and mind

The subtle frequencies of being sublime,

Forging passion and desire by design,

That warms the heart

And stirs the soul,

Eradicates all need for fear

And is not the cause of tears

But fills us with happiness,

Fills us with contentment,

Makes us feel safe and secure

And feeling good just like it should,

In this place there is no room for jealousy,

There is no room room for control or ownership,

Just the desire to be with others who feel the same

Tired of playing games

But who just want to reside within love and warmth,

Yet still an individual and still free

To express yourself uniquely.

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