What happened to free speech

It seems free speech and demonstrating today

Is getting restricted and so harder to do in everyway,

Condemned for standing up for your rights

In some countries demonstration g means rucking your life,

We are the people and so should be the power

But we are forced into oppression and made to cower,

What kind of world is this where the few control the many

What kind of world is it when our government becomes the enemy,

Not to be trusted because the exploit and abuse you,

Find different ways to over tax you,

What kind kind of world is it when voting is a sham

Where the minority Party can rule your land,

Or where no opposition is credible at all

Through fear of being put up against a wall,

Why do we suffer this, its gone on too long,

We as the people should unite in one song

And send a message loud to the leaders of the world

While marching under one flag that reads when unfurled,

We are the power, we are all one race,

We want to live in an equal state,

And our song will convey a message of love

Stating as a humanity that we’ve had enough,

Of corruption and greed

Violence, war and hate,

We want now to bring about change,

Where we all live in harmony

And strive for peace,

Where everyone is strong and nobody is weak,

Where everyone’s mighty

And no one is meek.

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