My survival song

Sometimes I sit and look at nature

See all of the colours and beauty

And wonder why life can be bleak

Why I sit and ponder release

This beauty of nature is the only thing at times

That keeps me clinging on to this life

This existence can be hard you see

When all you see is shattered dreams

Where you try changing your reality

By focusing on the positive things

Yet still the toxicity and negativity

Drags you back down onto your knees

I am a fighter and I will always try to stand

In the face of depression and will not be knocked out or down

Yet I am weary of this life

And battle weary and fatigued

Trying too my head above the water

That’s trying so hard to drown me

Trying so hard to always see natures beauty

This is the thing that always rescues me

Keeps me holding on and appreciating light and life

Convinces me that love is still in sight

So I spend as much time as I can seeing natures beauty

Dwelling in its present shutting all else out

It helps when it comes to holding on

Natures beauty is my survival song.

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