The working class hero

The working class hero

The backbone of society,

The one who makes others rich

Through their productivity,

Yet gets very little in return

And feels the pressure burn,

When governments mismanaged the economy

They’re the one who lose their jobs first,

While managers keep their company cars,

The working class hero always takes the hit

The working class hero get nothing but shit,

While those who get rich off their backs

Sitting sipping champagne and giving nothing back

And so many now fake how they appear in society,

To mimic the affluent which is a crying shame,

There is nothing wrong with being working class

Other than they need more return on the profit they create

And those benefitting off their backs,

Should take a little less these greedy arrogant fat cats,

If working class heros just gave up

The whole economy and society would collapse

So important is the working class hero.

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