Stealth jumper pt2

The tribe that surrounded the stealth jumper Avalon

As it turned out were higher frequency beings

They took her back to their village healed her wounds

And taught her the art of self healing through mind

And illusory conscious cleansing through the use of herbal plants

Which they gave her when she stated her need to be on her way

And warned them of future visitors

But knew they could deal with them.

She was guided to another portal

By a clearing that represented great beauty

With a sparkling clear lake and effervescent waterfall

Rocks carved into images decorated the edge of the lake

And she could hear spiritual messages coming out of the lake

The flowed through her being igniting every chakra

And filling her with unknown power

That bristled through her body like static electricity

Thanking her hosts she stepped through the portal.

In a moment she found herself on the fringes of a vast desert

With the sun beating down on her causing her to sweat profusely in her leather suit

She heard the voices from the lake

Imagined herself in robes upon a camel and two more in tow

As she did this gazing at the sun she cast a look around

And so it was, as she imagined

Smiling she moved forward heading for the horizon

Heading into the unknown but with plentiful supplies

Things were looking up

But what was next?

What lay beyond the horizon?

She travelled forward on faith and the belief that she was on the right path.

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