Escape route

Escape, evade

Just get away

Hide my face

Be on my way

There’s nothing here

For me to learn

I run the risk

Of being burnt

By others who

Like taking risks

But never, accepting it

Avoiding responsibility

They accept no accountability

And why should I

Just wait around

And get caught up

While these structures

Break and burn down

Why should I

Take the fall

When it was not

My fault at all

But nothing in life

Is ever fair

And I can’t act

Like I don’t care

Of course I do

Which is why I know

It’s time to leave

It’s time to go

It’s time to escape

And time to evade

Time I got out of this place

There is no pleasure here anymore

Time to exit through

The open door

And fly away

And leave behind this place

Fly away

And never look back again.

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