Stealth jumper pt3

Avalon arrived at outskirts of a sandstone town

Wondered what exactly could be found

To speed her on her way to her final destination

But something told her to wait.

She spied the men who were hunting her down

Must have found another portal to put them in front

She then used the powers she was given

To shape shift and blend in with other people

She wound around the town

From souk to souk gathering information

But always alert and attentive

The three men who were hunting her

Were very keen and well observed

She ducked in and out of shop fronts

Weaving in and out of houses

Then somehow they found her out

Started chasing her and she was in no doubt

Escape was her only option

What was she supposed to do

She saw a portal glinting in another souk

In the opposite side of town

But if she tried to get there they would shoot her

She took a minute and got her head straight

And in the middle of a mindful state

She realised the way

Using all of the powers the tribe gave her

She whipped up a sandstorm

And in the midst of the ensuing chaos

She decided to make her move

And she took a direct route

And in a glimpse she saw the men in pursuit

And realised it was a little too soon

She rain and weaved and ducked under a hail of bullets

But then she saw the portal and run through

Closing it on them as she exited

She had evaded them once again

But they were getting far to close

She needed this journey to end

As she looked and studied all around her

What place was she now in

As it happens she was standing within the walls of a monastery

And monks were standing around a smiling

Now what did this place hold for her?

Is there more information or skills to learn?

Or just more danger, pain and hurt?

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