Appreciation of life

Life could be worse

I see two people huddled in a doorway fast asleep

Living rough out on the street

Which is no place to be

So I know that I have a light shining on me

And through everything

I still regard myself as lucky

Still know that I am not on my knees

Still appreciate the fact

That I live a life that’s free

That I have the opportunity

To bleed through my words

And through my poetry

It’s a life of frustration but not of misery

And I am thankful of that

Grateful in fact

And although many things I may lack

I celebrate the fact I have my family

And despite everything

We are all happy

And despite everything we are all like all healthy

And when I saw these two people asleep in a doorway

I realise how bad life could be

And it isn’t me fortunately

So I am appreciative of my life indeed.

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