Scrimping and scraping

That’s my life

Struggling every day just to get by

This is not good enough any more

I have to find a way to go to war with myself

Do more,

Achieve more

And try

So much harder in life

It’s time for some self sacrifice

Stop making excuses

Stop believing I am not good enough

Start find away

To get motivated

Try and find ways because it’s so frustrating

Feeling that there is much more

But not being able to find away to score

I always keep missing

I need to be sure

The target at which I am aiming for

Is right for me

I need to unleash

Everything to succeed

It ain’t about money and getting rich

It ain’t about fame

That don’t appeal to me

It’s about providing a decent life

For myself but mostly my family

I’ve not given them as much as I should

I would give them the whole world if I could

I get so frustrated

I get so mad at me

For continually doing nothing

Except working for others

Doing the mundane

Day after day it’s always the same

Death by routine

Will this be the end of me

Forgotten when I am gone

No one will write stories about me

I this how I want my life to be seen

As an insignificant blip

In the course of history.

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