From now on

From now on

I must gain some focus

Find a way to be motivated,

Study and find the light and love

I wonder if I’ve been practising enough,

Nothing comes easy, that’s a fact

Got to try and improve and up my act,

Fill in the gaps where I lack

And find the strength to come back,

I should not be waiting for things to happen

I got start to stir things up,

I’ve got to make things happen

If I want to get anywhere in life,

Come at it old

So I got to be bold

And try,

To fulfil my potential

I have wasted so much time,

I am an honest critic

And I am critiquing my life,

It’s not good enough

To sit and watch life go by,

As if I am waiting in a queue

For my time to come,

For my fifteen moments of fame

It doesn’t work like that,

I got set targets and take aim and achieve

And stop making excuses

It has nothing to do with age,

Yes I work hard every single day

But it’s for other people

It’s time to do something for me

And if I want to achieve this

I got to make my pen bleed,

I got face myself honestly

Accept the fact I’ve never done enough,

To push myself forward

I’ve lacked the self belief and that’s tough,

I got start believing in me,

If I expect others to do the same

It’s about time that I upped my game,

Stop looking for others to blame

Stop dreaming and wishing my life away,

From now on I got to go against the grain

And get on the fast train

And be who I want to be

And do what I want to achieve,

Don’t look to others

This is all down to me.

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