Old fools lament

Do I need to convey this desires

That your presence and being instill within my heart

Whimsically you smile at me

As if you perceive me to be an old fool

And though in age I may be old

I feel my youth still ingrained my marrow

I smile back at your beautiful face

Etched in such amazing grace

And I fall into your deep serene eyes

Dreaming of how we could both reside

In the summer on green verdant hillsides

Entwined in a safe embrace of companionship and love

Sharing secrets, recalling memories

As if engaged in courtship

Though I know age makes it awkward

So I keep my desires deep inside

I have no intention of impinging on your life

But still to remain friends

And to bath in your warmth and in your light

Just listening to your voice I confess fills me with delight

And the way you act around me and the way you let me in

Confessing how you feel to me gives me pleasure in the listening

It’s like we both understand each other

More than any others could

I will not utter mistaken words and have it understood

That all I do for you

Is because my desire for you

Though this may in fact be true

I will not let these feelings intrude

On the friendship we have built

It’s my sin to carry with me within

Much rather I remain a loyal friend at your side

So that my desire does not collide

With your idea of me

Because you may feel our friendship a lie

And in truth it’s so very genuine

It’s just that I cant help but loving

Everything that you are and that you represent

It’s the curse of this old fool

For letting my feelings run to deep for you

But still I cherish I truth

All the moments that I get to spend with you.

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