Mirror image


Stop, look in the mirror

See what reflected back at you

Do you see what’s been fabricated

Or do you see the authentic within you

Now ask yourselves some searching questions

And you answer them honestly

Can you look yourself in the eye

And say you’re being the best you can be.

Do you care about the world

And everything that’s happening within it?

Or does your life simply revolve around you?

We need to answers the truths

Take responsibility for all we do

And understand that the reason we’re here is to learn

To become better than we are

To find the love, kindness and compassion in our hearts

To connect this heart and soul

To our consciousness so that we become whole

Not just a fragment of pieces

An ignorant, arrogant, greedy species

But of beings created by the light

Spreading peace and love throughout life

And through manifesting change

We can evolve ourselves in new and better ways

To rise above the greed, the violence and the hate

So that we transcend and we transform

To enable us to connect to higher frequencies once more

That will heal humanity

And create greater harmony

Now when your looking in the mirror

Ask yourself do you believe

That you can play a part?

Or do you think you are nothing?

You are more power than you think

Greater than you believe

So make the changes

And join with me

In manifesting light

In manifesting love

In manifesting peace.

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