Merry little dance

I walk through life and see the smiles

I see the tears and the fight for survival

I wander on and see the celebrations

The euphoria and vindications

Of living life in a duality state

The ups and downs of chaos and grace

I wander through this life

I see the faces etched in pain and hurt

I see the happiness and joy

Being human can seem a curse

Because nothing is easy

And nothing ever stays the same

One minute things can be going great

The next your in a world of pain

But that’s what being human is

That’s the experience that we choose to live

It’s a duality existence

And it’s futile offering up resistance

Just find balance where you can

And take the time to understand

This life is good as well as bad

Happy as well as sad

So appreciate what’s good

And always show gratitude

That we’ve been given the chance

To live this merry little dance

That we know as existence.

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