Love, the unending mystery

At the risk of sounding profound

I’d say that love is unending mystery

A tumult of emotional feeling

Reminiscent of waves of the on the greatest seas

That crash and wash right over me

And at times threatens to drown me

But at other times raises me up

As if the sea is trying to save me

After washing away my sins and purifying me

At times I struggle hard to breathe

But then my breath seems to be respiring love and energy

And I appreciate love much more

For the up and downs the silence and the roars

Love the beautiful sensation we all adore

Accept when broken hearted then we are forlorn

Its euphoric feelings can never be ignored

Your hart and pain can leave you battered and sore

But no matter the turmoil that experiencing love brings

It’s a feeling that I can’t ever stop denying.

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